We work with independent experts, all of whom have extensive leadership, industry and consulting experience and also offer the corresponding scientific depth through their activities at universities.
We accompany you personally or as a team and bring our individual experience to bear on your Strategic Fairstainable Transformation.

Better Bords increases the effectiveness, innovation, transformation and strategic capacity of supervisory boards, boards of directors and executive boards. Evidence-based and data-driven, the seven dimensions of effective governance are analysed and recommendations for action are developed to increase the effectiveness of each individual board member and the overall effectiveness of the board. Better Boards' excellence is also evident in the fact that it is the only provider of board advisory services that has subjected its approach to a rigorous international peer review process and published it in the US, UK and Europe.

An effective, innovation, transformation and strategy-focused board enables far more effective and efficient development and implementation of the strategic faistainability transformation ⎼ and this is precisely the added value for our clients in the convergence of Better Boards and NEW RATIONALE

borisgloger consulting is a leading consultancy for agile organisational and product development and supports clients of all sizes in transformation and innovation processes. As the first point of contact in the DACH region, borisgloger consulting shows its clients how to create the foundation for agile thinking. In doing so, the borisgloger team combines sustainable transformation at management level with work directly in day-to-day business.

Agile frameworks unfold their full power when they are tailored to the individual dynamics in the company. borisgloger consulting thus develops custom-fit solutions for strategic transformation projects and accompanies clients on their way to an agile organisation. It is not only in times of crisis that concrete operational action takes centre stage: in our volatile world and due to increasing demands on companies, quick decisions are indispensable. borisgloger consulting provides recommendations for action that make precisely this possible in the long term.

Agile Fairstainability Transformation powered by borisgloger consulting and NEW RATIONALE.

hile for a long time the profitability of a company was considered the only measure of success, new criteria are constantly being added. Today, an organisation should not only be in line economically, but also be a good employer and act sustainably at all levels. This convergence of profit, people and planet requires a completely new mindset, the development of previously unknown competencies in a very short time, continuous reflection on strategic and operational activities as well as comprehensive coaching of the organisation.

With the consulting approach of "Agile Fairstainability", borisgloger consulting and NEW RATIONALE offer a complete package of strategy and methodology that supports on the way to an all-round sustainable organisation.

Under the credo of agile learning and the acquisition of new competences, companies succeed in taking responsibility and scoring points with customers and stakeholders.

empatrust supports, advises and accompanies owner-managed companies and family businesses in shaping the future in a secure and opportunityrich way: from personnel and management development to international cooperations and recruiting across borders.

empatrust international creates international networks and long-term partnerships across industries. The focus is to bring people together, who would otherwise never meet, in order to develop new business innovatively.

Within the empatrust academy customized programs, seminars, workshops and coachings are developed and creatively implemented to make the management team and the whole team fit for the future.

empatrust recruiting is looking for qualified specialists for German companies all over Europe (e.g. from Poland, Romania or Spain) to enable healthy growth. Today there is a shortage of two million skilled workers. The gap is widening by another 400,000 vacancies every year. The German government's goal of having 400,000 apartments built seems utopian. We will also only achieve our climate targets if professionals lend a hand, for example, to renovate existing properties to make them more energy-efficient.

empatrust supports and accompanies company owners very personally, in order to actively shape their own and the company's future with strengthened confidence. And this is exactly what connects us with empatrust. Trust is the core and the basic principle of every family business - towards all stakeholders. For responsible and ecologically sustainable growth or simply "PROFITABLE GROWTH X FAIRSTAINABILITY", we are a boutique strategy consultancy for boards of directors, managing directors and supervisory boards. Our focus is thus exclusively on the development and implementation of profitable growth-oriented corporate and business strategies whose driver is fairstainability. This is in contrast to sustainability consulting, whose focus is to understand the impact of corporate actions on the environment, social issues and the company along the value chain in operational terms and to design them in accordance with the rules. The core of our growth consulting is always the two sides of future success - responsibility and sustainability. In this respect, a Strategic Fairstainable Transformation is always focused on the future success of the company.

NEW RATIONALE + empatrust means profitable growth-oriented corporate and business strategies whose driving force is Fairstainability on a personal and systemic level.

As a specialist and technology consultancy, Hommel & Graf Environmental work with their clients to develop the technological innovations needed to achieve net zero emissions and climate neutrality. They use various digital tools and methods to create comprehensive and holistic images of planning and processes, products and assets.

With holistic physical simulations in Virtual Engineering, intelligent Simulation-Driven Design as well as Digital Twins, clients gain deep insights into the impact and operation of their products and assemblies quickly and cost-effectively ⎼ right down to the level of entire buildings or neighbourhoods.

In this process, the context of a changing environment is included. In this way, Hommel & Graf Environmental minimise the physical climate risks of their customers. The integration of data from real applications, the environment and climate projections enables predictive analysis for continuous verification, validation and optimisation of every single planning and development step at component and system level to meet the challenges of reducing operational carbon emissions.

The convergence of Hommel & Graf Environmental and NEW RATIONALE enables integrated strategy, technology and technical consulting within the framework of the Fairstainability Transformation.

Together with our clients, we develop the framework for a Strategic Fairstainable Transformation that is the basis for sustainable and measurable growth and strategic competitive advantages. The developed framework is then consistently operationalised and implemented in production processes, products, assemblies and materials with a focus on technology. A Strategic Fairstainable Transformation that integrates strategic, technological and functional aspects leads to a sustainable boost for future business.

ICI – is one of the leading business and personal coaching institutes in Germany. Its coaches include such well-known personalities as the internationally renowned referee Urs Meier, the opera star Laura Bexter or the TV presenter Claudia Schick.

ICI's management and executive coaches open up a protected space in which board members, managing directors and top executives receive competent support at eye level and experience individual support for entrepreneurial as well as personal challenges. Coach and coachee work on central business and personal issues in a structured way. These are discussed confidentially, free from influence and conflicts of interest. In contrast to management consultancies, ICI coaches do not provide solutions, but rather initiate impulses for reflection and the development and implementation of personal solutions.

In the context of the fairness transformation, there is often a lot of uncertainty among board members and management regarding the strategic direction. In this respect, it is extremely helpful for an effective and efficient Fairstainability Transformation if, in addition to the strategic consulting and support of the top management, business and personal coaching takes place at the same time, since the path to the implementation of a Fairstainability Transformation always takes place via the mindset and the competence of the board or the management.

ICI X NEW RATIONALE means strategic fairstainability consulting and support as well as top executive
coaching from a single source ⎼ Rising to Initiate the Strategic Fairstainability Transformation.

PROFORE translates as "being useful in the future". The young institute based in Leipzig develops the foundation for success for its clients from business and administration. The PROFORE recipe consists of future research in the sectors of strategy, digitalisation, work and sustainability.

PROFORE stands for research into holistic, probable and consistent images of the future. PROFORE supports us in identifying design spaces and challenges for our clients at an early stage.

PROFORE combines scientific methodology and the latest findings from futurology, economics, social and societal sciences and neuroscience. The head of PROFORE ⎼ KAI GONDLACH ⎼ is known for his original creative techniques and addressee-oriented communication. PROFORE's set of values is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

PROFORE is our PARTNER for practice-induced theory-based futures research. Specifically: With PROFORE, we have an outstanding partner for the implementation of company- and sector-related as well as cross-sector future studies in
the context of fairstainability ⎼ both nationally and internationally.

NEW RATIONALE X PROFORE means that the future of "Profitable Growth X Fairstainability" is already soundly forecast for our customers today.

SLR supports companies and government organisations in achieving their sustainability goals. With over 1,800 employees in more than 100 locations on all continents (in Germany in Frankfurt and Bonn), SLR offers the full range of consulting solutions and implementation expertise in the areas of environment, social affairs and good corporate governance (ESG).

The range of services includes more than 30 environmental and consulting services in the fields of Engineering (e.g. CAD, Civil and Structural Engineering or Geotechnology), Environmental Management Planning & Approval (e.g. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment or Environmental Management Permitting & Compliance), Environmental Specialist Services (e.g. Acoustics, Noise and Vibration or Industrial Hygiene) and Land & Water (e.g. Soil Quality and Remediation or Risk Assessment and Toxicology).

SLR X NEW RATIONALE enables global integrated strategy, responsibility and sustainability consulting within the framework of the Strategic Fairstainability Transformation as well as its operational implementation. The ambidextry of top management consulting and high-end technology consulting makes it possible to solve socioecological challenges in a highly specific way and to transform these solutions holistically into sustainable strategic competitive advantages. Companies and governmental organisations benefit equally from the complementary competences.