We combine entrepreneurship with science, analytics with creativity, growth with fairstainability, future with present, concept with solution, print blood with digital natives.

For responsible growth, we are a boutique strategy consultancy for boards of directors, managing directors and supervisory boards.





„Without a digital growth-oriented fairstainable vision, there is no creative drive.”

Stuart Evers
Managing Partner

Stuart has almost 25 years of experience in the Telecoms Industry. He has worked across numerousmarkets and continents in the ICT, fixed, mobile, wholesale and retail sectors. He has telecoms/ICT and related regulatory experience in markets as diverse as Ireland, Germany, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. Stuart has held a number of key positions within the Telecoms industry, including CEO, CCO, CSO, board and Chairman roles. As Vice President, Stuart was responsible for Deutsche Telekom's global wholesale data business, whereas as a member of Azertelecom's Board of Directors, he was responsible internationally for building high-broadband connectivity and data centres in Central Asia and the Caucasus. In the last decade Stuart has been focused on sustainable solutions within the ICT sector, most notablyusing renewable energy, bioenergy and energy transition to delivery commercially and environmentallybeneficial solutions to business. Stuart holds higher and advanced diplomas in Marketing, Management and Administration from the Dublin Institute of Technology and a B.Sc in Management from Trinity College Dublin. He is also a member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland. Stuart also has certification in Sustainability from the University of Canterbury, in Renewable Energy and Ecology from the University of Leeds and qualifications in Bio-economics from the University of York.

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„You can never solve fairstainability problems with the same mindset that created them.“

Frank Gotthardt
Managing Partner

Consulting, building and leading businesses is FRANK's passion. In the 30 years of his career, Frank has had the opportunity to follow this passion. Working in many different parts of the world and getting to know cultures is what defines Frank, along with coming up with creative concepts and implementing them. Most of Frank's career has been spent in telecoms and high tech as a C-level management consultant or as a managing director of an investment bank. For Capgemini, for example, Frank was initially responsible for the telecoms business in Central/Eastern Europe. Later, as Managing Director of Capgemini in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, FRANK restructured the consultancy and successfully positioned it in the market. The successful implementation of his projects and his supervisory board mandates enabled Frank to build up a trusted network of executives. Frank's core competencies lie in the areas of strategic fairstainability transformation, strategy and business sales and marketing. Frank associates the theme of fairstainability with responsible and environmentally sustainable growth and, in this context, with the creation of emotionally safe working environments through respect and loyalty. Long and constructive relationships are always based on respect and shared values. Creating platforms where you know everyone is pulling in the same direction is the basis of Fairstainability Transformation and rewards everyone involved with more than just results.

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With our work, we want to contribute to making the world a little bit better ⎼ and we want to set an example ourselves.

Customers who decide to implement a Fairstainability project with us receive a 3% discount on the net invoice amount. In addition, we donate 3% of our profits to social projects and another 3% to ecological projects.

We are happy about difficult questions, sporty timings, nice mails and new contacts. We talk, email, zoom or even meet with you in person. Whatever moves you, we are happy to listen.